Creative Technology Solution Sdn. Bhd.  is registered under the Ministry Of Finance to undertake any government projects.

In a competitive and fast-changing business environment, there are two important key success factors that drive organizational competitive advantage namely

  1. The continuous training and development of human resources, and
  2. The effective and strategic applications of ICT solutions.

Founded upon this concept, Creative Technology Solution Sdn. Bhd. are in the business of assisting Malaysian companies, particularly SMEs to build sustainable competitive advantage through training and development of human capital, and effective applications of ICT solutions to create total synergy strategically. Its core businesses are broadly categorized into two main divisions to provide its expertise as follows:

1. Software Development and IT Consultancy Services Division:

To market Linxis's ERP software solutions, standalone (off-the-shelf) softwares and provide information technology (IT) related consultancy services. The system are suitable for medium to large businesses primarily service based and manufacturing based businesses The ranges of software solutions and products are PM II-ERP , EZ Cheque, Employee Performance Tracking, Recruitment Agency Management System,On-line Booking System, On-line Market Survey, On-line opinion poll, etc.

2. Human Resources Training and Development Division:

To develop and provide human resources training and development services to cater for the human capacity building needs of manufacturing sector, services industry and GLC's. It provides continuous learning to industrial employees in soft-skills areas so that they become more job-competent and multi-skilled. This area of business is committed to providing clients with the development of a total human capacity building strategy for competitive advantage with lasting business results.